Show 9 - A Playoff Surge

Dave Gardner and Ray Arnott recap the games from Feb 16-17. Standings, leading Scorers, and upcoming games are also discussed.


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Show 8 - A Ray of Hope

In show 8 Dave Gardner is joined by part time RatCast camera guy and color commentator Ray Arnott. They go over the West Coast Festival from Feb 9 and 10, and also take a look at the Standings and League Leaders.


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Show 7 - Aces High

In episode seven Dave Gardner goes over the scores from Jan 19 and Jan 20 including the big games between Delco and South Jersey, and also the marathon night in Rhode Island.

He is joined by Las Vegas Aces goalie Brandon Corsatea who talks about the big games this weekend between the Aces and the Ducks and the Aces and HB.


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Show 6 - Too Many Cooks

In this episode of the RatCast host Dave Gardner goes over all the recent scores and standings as of January 6th. He is joined by guests Matt Cook of the Richmond Robins and Mike Berry of the Plainville Fire Ants.


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Show 5 - Total Insanity

Dave Gardner recaps the games from Dec 8 and Dec 9, as well as goes over the League Leaders and the Standings.

He is joined by guests Matt Zuba and Jordan St. Jean of the Hartford Fire Ants as well as goalie Dave Souza of the New England Insanity.


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Game Videos: New England vs Hartford 12/8/12

We have full game videos of both Elite games from Dec 8, 2012.

New England takes game one, Hartford takes game two.

Dave Gardner does the play by play. The link below takes you to the You Tube page where the games can be found.

Show 4 - Give Me Liberty

The AIHL season kicked off with a whole host of games in the Mid Atlantic/Colonial Division as well as a few in the Pac North.

Dave Gardner recaps the games and scores as well as the league leaders.

Tyler Kraft of the Philadelphia Liberty jumps on the RatCast hotline.


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Show 3 - AIHL before NHL

The Ratcast finishes up the preseason with 3 more interviews, Charlie Sgrillo, Dave Marmastein, and CJ Gamble.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and how are YOUR mustaches coming in this Movember ?


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Show 2 - Las Vegas

The Ratcast was in Las Vegas for the league meetings, and we got the scoop on the AIHL news for the upcoming season and perhaps beyond.


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Show 1 - Preseason interviews

Dave Gardner interviews John Ryder of the New England Insanity, Ritchie Rich of the Empire State Legends, and Jim Miller of the Hartford Fire Ants.


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